Frequently Asked Questions
Responsive emails are designs that are mobile-friendly, this means you can design multiple column content that will automatically stack to form a single column when viewed using a smaller mobile mail client.
We have a number of video demos showing different features for this app.
With Dragon RED, you will be able to send the email design within the app itself (by setting up the SMTP sender settings) or export the source code to be sent through a different distribution tool.
Samples of emails exported from Dragon RED:
You may start with either the blank canvas or a template, whichever you are most comfortable with. :)

If you are new to the app, you may find it's easier to experiment with a sample template to get a feel for how responsive layout changes between the Mobile and Desktop preview modes.
There are a few different ways to remove this label as well as any other unwanted element off a template:

- Please select text box and go to Edit Menu > Delete.

- You may also press the Delete key on the keyboard.

- Similar to other quick edit actions, you may use right click (control-click) and choose "Delete"