Create beautiful emails for any device

Dragon Email Designer 3

Intuitive drag and drop designer with zero coding, fabulous responsive emails made simple.

Dragon 1 as featured on Mac|Life:

"An email marketing tool for hobbyists and pros alike...If you need the convenience of templates but want to put your own stamp on things, Dragon is very good" - Mac|Life
New in Dragon Email Designer 3
Support for animated GIF images
Spice up your email design with animated gif images.

New web fonts
Dragon 3 introduces several awesome new additions to our beautiful web font collection.

All new responsive template layouts
All templates refreshed with improved responsive layouts optimized for modern email clients.

Max width for mail layout
By popular demand from users, we have introduced a new max width setting, this allows advanced designers the option to set custom max width for your mail layouts.

New categories for padding and margins
New categories allows improved control of your mail layout.

Support for legacy design files
Dragon 3 opens files from Dragon 2 and supports file migration from design files created using Dragon 1.

Forget all about coding

Create beautiful responsive email layouts in minutes. Zero coding required.

Responsive layouts

Fluid columns that automatically rearranges into single column when viewed on mobile devices

Beautiful mobile-friendly templates

Perfect for both beginners and experienced email designers.
Jump start with any of our professionally designed email templates, with fluid layouts that renders perfectly on any device.

Works fully offline

Dragon does not require internet connection, you can use all features while offline. This is a fully stand-alone software, runs directly from your Mac.

Action buttons take it to the next step

Drag and drop to add beautiful action buttons, fully customizable titles and colors.
Perfect for guiding users to take direct actions including clicks, taps and purchases.

Generate responsive source code

Once your design is complete, you can export to responsive HTML source code format, ready for use with your email distribution tool.

Beautiful web fonts
Focus on one of the most critical elements in your email design: text style.
This app is bundled with beautiful Google web fonts. Use web fonts to increase the consistency of font rendering in your emails.

Better presentation = increased effectiveness of your email campaign.

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Font Styles
Integrated with Google Web Fonts

Link to photos, buttons and text

Duplicate and Reuse
Copy and paste objects and full responsive sections

Format Transfer
Copy and re-apply font styles, colors across multiple objects

Saved Text Segments
Conveniently saves frequently used text segments for quick reuse.
Auto Alignment
Automatically align selected objects by position and dimension

Source Code
Built-in code viewer makes it easy to review and copy generated email HTML

Drag and Drop
Drag and drop to add objects directly from Inspector Panel

Quickly compare layouts on different sized screens with Mobile and Desktop preview

Export and Share
Export features allows you to output the complete set of source code for your responsive email design